Our Planning Process

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Once you decide to move forward, we make it easy because we know it is so important.

Many attorneys can write a Will, but your net worth, the ever changing tax laws, or your unique family situation makes it important to consult a specialist.  At Thrash Law Firm, our attorneys have focused their careers on the areas of law that give them them experience and knowledge to make sure you are protected.  We make it easy to obtain the highest quality professional legal advice in a comfortable setting with a caring and concerned team.  We also know how important it is to know what to expect, so we have prepared this explanation for the convenience of any potential clients.

The process is simple, and once we have designed your unique plan we will have the “big black binder” with your legal documents ready in your time frame.  Our plans are usually prepared as a “project” for a flat fee, which we will discuss and agree upon at the first meeting.  We collect half of the fee upon our initial engagement and the balance when your plan is delivered to you.  

STEP 1: SCHEDULE YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION:  Call our office at (512) 263-5400 or email info@thrashlawfirm.com to schedule your Initial Consultation.

STEP 2: FILL OUT OUR CONFIDENTIAL  ESTATE PLANNING WORKBOOK:  Once you schedule an appointment, we will send a Workbook to you to fill out and send back or drop off prior to your Initial Consultation. All information listed in your Workbook is confidential.

STEP 3: AT THE INITIAL CONSULTATION: We will get to know each other, review your current circumstances and often we will design your unique plan together at this meeting. If we design your estate plan we will also agree on a fixed fee for the planning.

STEP 4: DESIGN MEETING:  If we need additional time to design your plan or you just want an opportunity to make some decisions after our first meeting, we will schedule a second meeting for designing your unique plan.

STEP 5: SIGNING: Once your estate plan is prepared, we will schedule a time for you to come back to our office to review and sign all of your documents. We will go over each document, how your plan works, and answer all of your questions.  We can also make any necessary revisions at this time.

STEP 6: HOMEWORK MEETING OR TELEPHONE CONFERENCE: After the signing ceremony we will meet to go over your “homework” and to deliver your big black binder (your estate planning organizer with all of your documents). You will always have the original documents, but we will keep scanned copies on our computer system.

STEP 7: PROTECTION PLANS: We realize that our clients will only have peace of mind if they know that their planning is and remains current. We also know that legal fees can quickly become very expensive. For these reasons, we offer a maintenance program called a Protection Plan. With this plan you are able to obtain ongoing legal services and advice to keep your plan current at a substantially reduced cost.