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April 24, 2017

Who dies without a Will?  Even celebrities with large estates!

Written by Jan Jackson


We know that it is important to have a Will in place.  The consequences of not having a valid Will to distribute your property upon your passing can leave your family in a state of confusion and anxiety while they are also dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. 

March 22, 2017

Written by Michael G. Carroll

Scammers are always looking for an opportunity to separate you from your money.  There’s a new one we refer to as the “Deed Scam.”  And our clients who choose to create revocable living trusts are often targets of this scam. 

February 08, 2017

Your parents have taken care of you – now it is your turn.  29 states  and Puerto Rico have filial responsibility laws .  These laws are based upon the concept that children owe their parents a duty of respect and of care.  These filial responsibility laws, although on the books for many years, were largely unenforced for years as Medicare and Social security helped seniors support themselves.  However, the laws have recently been used in several states and by medical facilities and other creditors to enforce a child’s duty to be financially responsible for their parents.  Imagine you are